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Company offsite?
You could do it from here.


Esperienza SMACE Yachting per smartworking

We like to call it the essence of the work offsite.

SMACE Yachting takes you aboard a catamaran perfectly equipped for agile work. Same emails, but different beaches every single day.

Companies who have already chosen us:

How do we connect?With Starlink.

Thanks to the Starlink satellite connection, SMACE guarantees you not only a memorable experience, but also perfect workability for the entire duration of your stay.

Connettività Starlink con l'esperienza SMACE Yachting

200 Mbps

Source: Ookla


50 Mbps

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📍 Porto Rotondo
📍 Tavolara
📍 Porto Pozzo
📍 Bocche di Bonifacio
📍 Lavezzi Isola Piana
📍 Baja Sardinia
📍 La Maddalena
📍 Caprera
📍 Spargi
📍 Budelli


25 Mag – 1 Giu
Week 1


1 Giu – 8 Giu
Week 2


8 Giu – 15 Giu
Week 3


15 Giu – 22 Giu
Week 4


how you will travel

Your desk by the sea at only:

Esperienza SMACE Yachting sul catamarano

720 € + VAT

600 € + VAT


That is, an expense of €85 per day that includes:

Seated in a double cabin with a private bathroom in a luxury catamaran with desalination unit and electric generator

SMACE staff to ensure a unique experience

STARLINK® satellite connection and accessories to facilitate work on board

About your journey.


    Lagoon 42 of 2020. Each cabin has a private bathroom. The yacht is equipped with a power generator and “water maker”. This means unlimited electricity and water on board.


    This yacht has 4 double cabins, each with a private bathroom. There are also 2 cabin crews and 2 seats in the dinette but, to ensure maximum comfort on board, no more than 8 people are accepted.


    Lagoon 42 offers a spacious table in the main hall, capable of accommodating 5 workstations, and an additional outdoor table sheltered from the sun, perfect for 4 other people. Additional work spaces can be found in the cabins on the second floor of the catamaran.


    The navigation won’t last longer than 2-3 hours a day and only if the work experience has been assured by good weather. Unlike a classic holiday, we will have plenty of time available. So, we’ll be able to stay at the port until the weather is just right.


    Starlink satellite connection. To support this, we use routers with a 4/5G connection from all the main Italian operators. You will have so many Gigs available that it will be literally impossible to use it all up.


    The plan forecasts to be in port 1 out of 2 days. The goal is to stop in a different port each time. This will allow time to explore the seas and the mainland while doing Smart Working with each and every comfort.

Esterno del catamarano
Interno del catamarano
Esterno del catamarano
Interno del catamarano

A new daily journey.

Live a totally new work experience.


8:00 am


1:00 pm

Check e-mail

9:00 am

Update meeting

3:00 pm


9:00 pm


10:30 am


6:00 pm

Find out about the previous editions.

  • Esperienza SMACE smartworking sul catamarano

The costs incurred for the purchase of the services offered by Smace are potentially 100% deductible for the purposes of direct taxes and the related VAT, if and as applicable, it’s potentially 100% deductible (in compliance with current legislation and that applicable from time to time).


What boats do you use?

Only Catamarans, from 12 metres upwards in length. The catamaran offers exceptional liveability, as well as greater stability to counteract roll.

What comforts are there on board?

Equipaggiamento barca:

  • power generator to always guarantee 220 volts on board (for laptops but also other uses, often a luxury on a sailboat, such as a hairdryer!)
  • desalination plant, in other words – infinite water on board. No one should ever have to brush their teeth with bottled water or look for a hose around the coast. The boat takes the seawater and turns it into fresh, clean water
  • tender (which is also known as a small dinghy) to allow short movements or disembarkation of guests with the boat at anchor
  • Air conditioning in all cabins and seating areas


  • skipper – responsible for operating the boat, with the necessary licence
  • onboard stewardess – responsible for the galley (onboard groceries) and all meals consumed on board

Any extras: inflatable canoe, SUP, snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment. We will try to meet every possible request by providing the required equipment on board

What are the cabins like?

In the catamarans we use, there are 3 types of cabins, i.e.:

  • guest cabins: they are all double with a private bathroom (including a shower) in the cabin. For those of you who have already tried the monohull sailboat (net of mega yachts of course), you will notice and appreciate the space of the catamaran cabins! There are usually at least 3 with a maximum of 5 in the ch that we will take
  • cabin crew: single cabins (many passages in which you descend from above) for the crew. It is not recommended to count these cabins for guests. There are usually 1 or 2
  • dinette: the living room practically transforms into a double bedroom. Despite having so much space, this “cabin” has neither privacy nor a dedicated bathroom. This is only recommended if guests know each other well.
What about the internet connection?

Smace takes care of the internet connection! We use Starlink satellite antennas that guarantee coverage anywhere, even the most remote. In addition to satellite navigation, we equip our 4/5G mobile router boats with phone sims from all major operators. If we told you that you would probably surf the net faster by boat than in the office, would you believe us?

How often will you go to the port?

It depends on the customer’s budget, the guests and of course the weather. If the weather does not allow you to do anything, you will prefer to stay in port to ensure the possibility of working. We typically consider 1 day out of 3 in port. These are extra costs that the customer will have to cover.Same thing for fuel.

What happens if the weather is bad?

SMACE Yachting will take care of finding a location to allow you to work on land, limiting the life in the boat to sleep (the boat will still be in the port)

What happens if guests get seasick?

Unfortunately, the only plausible option is to take the guest to shore. The customer could opt for a last-minute replacement.

How do workspaces work?

The internal area of the seating area (dinette) provides silence, while in the cockpit area (external part) you are able to speak freely. To make calls you can ask for silence outside, make the calls in the booths or you could even use your imagination by creating your own ideal workstation. SMACE Yachting will give advice and provide equipment to create comfortable workstations (chairs, tables, standing desks) in the outside area of the boat. These are of course just guidelines. Guests will be able to organise themselves as they wish.

How to manage meals?

If you choose to have a hostess/steward on board, all meals will be prepared by the crew. Guests will give instructions on budgets and any allergies and/or food preferences for the crew to carry out the shopping accordingly. Otherwise, like any other shared home, everyone takes care of their own groceries (pantry) and meal preparation.

Who decides where to go?

The decision is made by the skipper (or route manager in the fleet). Guests will be able to express preferences but the unquestionable decision is the skipper’s