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Become SMACE partner.

Find out the requirements to apply for your Venue or become a Provider of
SMACE Offsite Services

SMACE simplifies offsite organisation for corporate teams. How? Thanks to a dense network of partners, distributed throughout Italy, verified to offer our corporate customers state-of-the-art working experiences.

Who do we address?

1. Venues

We are looking for locations and accommodation facilities equipped with meeting rooms and workspaces and with the following requirements



Working spaces for groups

(meeting room, conference room or shared work table)

High-performance Internet connection

(FTTH, FTTC, FWA or satellite)

VAT number

(required for internal billing flow)



Comfortable environments

(atmospheric locations, well-kept spaces, dehors)

Business assets

(e.g. printer/fax, blackboards, stationery, projector)

Easily accessible

(e.g. in cities, in locations connected by transport, near airports)

Extra services on site

(e.g. bar/kitchen, reception, leisure activities, swimming pool/spa)

2. Service providers

Do you offer any of the following services? Apply now to receive new applications.

  • Team building activities

  • Local experiences

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Sports facilities

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Music and entertainment

  • Transfer and logistics

  • Technical Service

  • Photo and video content

The benefits of becoming a SMACE partner.

Team working in ambiente suggestivo in bassa stagione


SMACE brings you customers in low season and midweek periods. We will never ask you for availability for August or Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

Business customers

With SMACE you gain access to a high-profile clientele working in the most innovative companies around

New Business

SMACE is a tool at your disposal to generate new business

Zero fixed costs

Becoming a SMACE facility has no entry costs or recurring fixed costs.

Onboarding Venue

Apply now for your location

Onboarding Partner

Become a SMACE partner


Can the platform be integrated with the Channel Manager?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. If you would like to share the name of your channel manager with us, you will help us grow.

Is my structure visible to the customer or is it in an internal repository?

The structure is only visible to the customer if we decide to present it to the customer, otherwise it is an internal repository that we consult.

Is the information and prices visible on the platform?

The information is not public and visible to everyone. In fact, the information you share in the tab will be visible on the platform in the proposal presentation tab visible only to the customer.