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SMACE to meet you.

SMACE is an innovative high-tech start-up company, created to simplify the organisation of company off-sites. We have developed an intelligent platform that can efficiently manage all your teams’ work offsites. How? By aggregating a variety of verified facilities and service prociders to offer you state-of-the-art work experiences in beautiful locations, eliminating the stress of managing multiple providers and ALWAYS guaranteeing the work component.

Happier people = more
productive companies

Our goal is to increase the well-being of workers around the world and, consequently, their work productivity.
We increase their happiness and work-life balance by promoting a new vision of the office that better meets their need for flexibility and their desire for discovery. With this vision, we propose to companies a new way of organising team meetings that is more efficient, pleasant, sustainable and smart.

La cross fertilization creativa La cross fertilization creativa
Cross – Fertilization

By creating tailor-made work experiences in beautiful locations, the aim is to unleash people’s full potential and creative cross-fertilisation, increasing team engagement and their commitment to the company.

Some data on the impact of team experiences:

Teams with
high engagement =


Company profitability







Annual loss due
tounengaged teams =


Estimated annual losses of US companies due to low engagement teams

Forbes – Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone

Team corporate meetups,
made easy.


Certified workspaces


Performance connection guaranteed


Beautiful locations


Team building activities


Transfer management


Food & beverage services


Managing the agenda and participants’s needs


Zeroing the environmental impact of your events

Where we are


Customer companies


Working days sold


End users


Smart Locations